Tuesday 06 October, 2015
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BLR Eagle

BLR Eagle

Trans Pacific Partnership awaits Congress approval

Obama’s tenure may become a historical legacy if the trade pact involving the United States and 11 other nations such as Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico,...

US President Barack Obama cautioned Russian President

US President Barack Obama cautioned Russia yesterday that its bombing effort against Syrian renegades will suck Moscow into a “mess,”...

Oregon shooting
Oregon gunman left one alive to convey his message to police

The 26-year-old executioner who gunned down colleagues at an Oregon school gifted mercy to one of his fellow mates and gave the “good...

hillary clinton
Hillary Clinton clinches the support of enormous US labor unions

Good news for all Hillary Clinton supporters out there in United States of America!! Yesterday, the front-runner to become Democratic presidential,...

PM Modi is world’s 13 influential person

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been debuted to get the 13th position in the Bloomberg markets...

Gay marriage should not be done, says Pope

As per recent reports, recently Francis Pope said that the decision of opposing the gay marriage...

French Riviera floods
16 dead and trail of destruction left after French Riviera floods

As per recent reports, after the dreadful floods were reported in French Riviera, the country...