Thursday 08 October, 2015
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BLR Eagle

BLR Eagle

Obama releases thousands of prisoners

Nearly 6000 inmates are set to be released from prisons by the end of this month by the Justice department. This would be helping US in twin objectives of reducing the overcrowding in prisons...

edward snowden
Edward Snowden wants to return from Russia to America

Edward Snowden the American whistle Blower who leaked documents about top-secret mass surveillance programs is ready to return to his country...

Trans Pacific Partnership awaits Congress approval

Obama’s tenure may become a historical legacy if the trade pact involving the United States and 11 other nations such as Australia, Brunei,...

US President Barack Obama cautioned Russian President

US President Barack Obama cautioned Russia yesterday that its bombing effort against Syrian renegades will suck Moscow into a “mess,”...

A group of fighters of the Islamic State
26 Missiles launched by four Russian ships at the Islamic state in Syria

Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu has told that 26 missiles were launched by four...

Russian warplanes in Syria destroy U.S.-trained rebels’ weapons depots

More than 40 rebels in Syria are set to unite and fight the Russian Air Campaign. This show of...

PM Modi is world’s 13 influential person

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been debuted to get the 13th position in the Bloomberg markets...