Saturday 10 October, 2015
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BLR Eagle

BLR Eagle

Drone makes the White House zone chaotic, Culprit identified

A civilian was spotted by the Police this Friday while he flew a small drone near the Washington Monument and landed it on the Ellipse beside the White House. Drone makes the White House...

texas gunfire
Fatal gunfire at Texas University. One dead, one injured.

Friday morning a sudden open fire in Texas Southern University dormitory killed a student and another is seriously injured and hospitalized....

Volkswagen offices Scrutinized ! Emission scandal could be a nightmare.

Volkswagen’s headquarters were raided by the German lawmen on Thursday to investigate the “Diesel Emission Tests” issue. Documents...

Obama releases thousands of prisoners

Nearly 6000 inmates are set to be released from prisons by the end of this month by the Justice department. This would be helping US in twin...

Members of the National Dialogue Quartet giving their response
Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet wins the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2015 has been announced in Oslo, Norway on Friday  to the alliance...

Svetlana Alexievich
Belarusian journalist, Svetlana Alexievich wins Nobel prize in literature for 2015

The much-awaited Nobel prize for literature was announced at Stockholm and Belorussian national,Svetlana...

Hussein Hamedani: Iranian Revolutionary Commander Killed In Syria

In Syria, senior most commanders in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Hussein Hamedani,  has...