This train traveled on the wrong route for 2 hours

A group of farmers from India was shocked to find out the train with which they were traveling was running on the wrong route for hours.

The other passengers have revealed they noticed the train was not traveling on the right route after several hours.

In fact, the train was 160 kilometers away from the right destination.

The railway company denies everything, even though, the farmers claim the train was supposed to reach Maharashtra through the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, but the route had changed without their knowledge.

“We started our journey at 10 am on Tuesday and arrived at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, at midnight. At nearly 4 am found that the train had reached Madhya Pradesh central state, which was not on the agreed route”, revealed one of the passengers.

Toyota & Suzuki seal partnership to enter the Indian market

Toyota and Suzuki have sealed the memorandum regarding the introduction of electric vehicles on the Indian market by 2020, through a common structure.

Early in February, the two companies have initiated the talks related to a potential partnership in terms of becoming a member of the Indian market, by introducing new electric vehicles and related technologies on a wide scale.

The talks between the two companies were finalized, and the memorandum signed this month symbolizes the beginning of a very profitable collaboration, the term being 2020.

Under the agreement, Suzuki will supply its own electric vehicles and the vehicles produced by Toyota for the Indian market, while Toyota will also be in charge of the role of providing technical support.

In addition, Toyota and Suzuki are planning to come with a study on the availability of using electric vehicles in this country and what the requirements are for making them so popular.

“COCO” just upstaged “Justice League” in earnings

The animated movie produced by Pixar, “Coco” has earned such a huge appreciation and popularity, among the young generation and the older one as well.

“COCO” is the third movie in the ranking related to box-office earnings on the Thanksgiving weekend.

However, “COCO” was not able to beat the record scored by Frozen in 2013, which consisted in $93 million or Moana in 2016.

Even though is still premature to make any predictions, the overall situation looks good for “COCO”, who reported no less than $72 million during the first release weekend.

Coco dethroned the long-awaited Justice League, which American film critics tore apart.

So far, “Justice League” has managed to gather the only US $172 million in revenue.

The 3D animation “Coco,” experts say, is partly successful because it’s addressing the cultural inclusion at a time when the American President made several racist remarks to Mexicans and Portoricans, by promoting the idea of building a wall on the Mexican border.

Slice of cake from Princess Diana’s wedding, to be auctioned

The slice of cake will soon turn 36 years and it was kept by a private collector since the wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, in 1981.

According to Economic Times, the slice of fruitcake will soon be auction in the US and the lucky owner to be will receive it in a tiny special box, the same from 36 years ago, when the groom and the bride decided to offer to their guests the leftovers, since the cake was so big.

The tiny box comes with the following engraving: “CD, Buckingham Palace, 29th July 1981,” and its current owner expects to fetch 800 dollars by selling it.

The impressive culinary masterpiece was created and baked by David Avery, the head baker at the Royal Naval cooking school for the wedding that took place on July 29, 1981, according to the RR auctions.

The item is part of a collection of numerous royal photographs, letters and other memorabilia that is currently up for sale at the US-based auction house.


Russia and India join forces

Russia and India joined forces for an improved cooperation in the field of information security, Russian security envoy Andrei Krutch stated on Friday following the World Cyber Area Conference held in New Delhi, according to Tass.

“India is one of our main partners. Our position regarding this issue is similar to that of any BRICS Member State.

We believe that rather than resolving conflicts, we better focus on how to prevent them by using information and communication technologies, and to continue the UN-sponsored talks on the implementation of some rules of behavior in this sphere”, added Andrei Krutch.

The Russian president’s emissary added that the Indian conference participants, bringing together representatives from 120 countries, highlighted the similarities between Moscow and New Delhi’s capital outlook on cybersecurity.

Andrei Krutih said that information security is among the global priorities, adding that “there is a total anarchy in this area due to hackers and states that want to use such technologies for military purposes.”

According to several countries, more than 120 states have already supported military exercises to prepare for a cyberwar. This process should be stopped before it is too late and before a real tragedy occurs”, the Russian emissary said.

According to the Russian official, not only Russia and the United States are victims of cyber-attacks but also many other countries.