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Since its inception, BelvoirEagle.com has been providing accurate news, analysis, and posts on the topics that matter most. Our dedicated readers have supported us throughout the years, showing us high quality editorial still has a place on the Internet.

Belvoireagle.com has a very good editorial team and also employees stationed around the world helping us to deliver news as it happens.

Our goal is to continue serving readers the same news and editorial content they’ve grown to love over the past few years we’ve been in business.

Belvoireagle Authors


The editorial team at Belvoireagle.com is the heart and soul of the website. Our best-in-class team primarily writes from our office, but also includes talented writers from around the world.

Editor in Chief :

Mukesh Kumar – Mukesh_Kumar9@belvoireagle.com

Mukesh Kumar, the Editor in Chief of Belvoireagle.com, brings more than 5 years of experience as publisher, editor, author, and news room manager. Mukesh holds a bachelor’s degree in English & Political Science, and brings a unique perspective to the editorial style of Belvoireagle.com.

Our Writing Staff :

Praneeth Goud : Praneeth_goud87@belvoireagle.com

Sravan Kumar : srv_kumar74@belvoireagle.com

Darren Lawson : dareenLawson@belvoireagle.com

Rebecca Catherine : Catherine85@belvoireagle.com

Guru : dg_Guru@belvoireagle.com

Soumya : Soum_Ya@belvoireagle.com

Vinayak Agarwal : VinayakAg@belvoireagle.com